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Hare Krishna dear friends and well-wishers,

On behalf of their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gopinath, we take great pleasure in publishing you the status report of Sri Sri Radha Govinda Temple- a capital project aimed at constructing a new temple in Sydney for future generations and the pleasure of the devotees and Srila Prabhupada.

Below are the updates from the Project team

Bhumi puja postponed

When we lodged the section 96 (containing some design modifications only – not a fresh DA) with the Hawkesbury council on 17th Sept 2016, the council had indicated that we could expect approval of Sec 96 by end of November 2016. However that date has passed now. Whilst there is no negative information from the council clearly there is a delay in getting the approval. The council officer dealing with our application has indicated through the town planner – acting on our behalf – that this sec 96 does not require a council meeting or voting from council members. They are just waiting for some engineering reports to finalize their decision. We are praying to all the devotees of the Lord that all these obstacles may be overcome and the new temple project proceed smoothly.

Next Steps

  1. Appointment of Construction management company to oversee build
  2. Identifying private building certifier for Construction certificate
  3. Preparation and lodgement of construction certificate (pending approval of design changes under sec96)
  4. Appointment of various consultants for construction certificate documents
  5. Lodging slip lane application with RMS (Roads and Maritime Services)
  6. Preparing tender documents for identifying builders for construction
  7. Identifying government and non-government grants


We were blessed at the 9th fund raising dinner held on SAT 8th October by the presence of His Holiness Ramai Swami and Bir Krishna Goswami and His Grace Gaur Gopal Prabhu from Chowpatty.

We are also very grateful to all the devotees for their generous donations to this project. So far we have collected 1,001,929 and total pledges of $1,738,004. Yes we crossed the $1 million mark by the mercy of well-wishing devotees like you and Srila Prabhupada.

Following is the event wise summary for your kind perusal: We also earnestly seek the blessings and good wishes of senior devotees like your good self in making this project a success and receiving the unlimited benedictions of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath in the process.

Fund Raising dinner wise summary at a glance

Event # pledges Total Pledged Total Paid Total Outstanding
Dinner 1 70 $311,142 $300,007 $11,135
Dinner 2 60 $161,170 $145,770 $15,400
Dinner 3 46 $159,728 $92,989 $66,739
Dinner 4 45 $205,423 $63,633 $141,790
Dinner 5 67 $273,436 $191,598 $81,838
Dinner 6 66 $116,550 $63,643 $52,907
Dinner 7 48 $140,541 $43,519 $97,021
Dinner 8 64 $204,203 $83,391 $120,811
Dinner 9 51 $165,811 $17,378 $148,433
Grand Total 517 $1,738,004 $1,001,930 $736,075

In case you have any questions on the project update please feel free to write to and if you have questions with regards to project finances and donations please feel free to write to